Image by the lovely  Jessica Haderlie .

Image by the lovely Jessica Haderlie.



I crave brownies like no other person on earth and give into that craving on a daily basis. Last time I counted, I’ve made 1392 batches perfecting my own recipe and that number increases incrementally by about two pans each week. Just kidding, I haven’t counted but it’s probably more than that. But now that we’re past the awkward introduction stage, what I crave even more than brownies are beautiful, simple things like nightly walks with my husband and two sons, reading an engaging book, and strumming my fingers on my harp.

I adore the family unit and yearn to capture you with your own people, whether you are in the early stages of your family as you become engaged and married, or marriage was long ago and you've now got a house full of rambunctious and silly kids.

Everyone has their own story, and I want to bottle your story up in the best possible way. To me, that's physical proof that it happened and that it's real. The way the love of your life caresses your cheek, the way the light dances in your daughter's room while you twirl by the window with her, the way your son reaches for your neck as you pick him up.

It would be an honor to capture my interpretation of YOUR story, through my own lens.

Image thanks to  Rosalyn Caywood .

Image thanks to Rosalyn Caywood.