Do you feel it?

The ache to create something more ?

Yeah, ME too.

Here's how it'll go down: we'll arrive at the comfort of your home, a nearby field with soft pretty light, or a killer mountain location we've picked together. If the spot has a special meaning to your family, even better. We'll start with a few images of everyone happy and looking at the camera - because as non-traditional as you may think you are, I pinky promise you won't regret having a picture perfect Christmas card photo.


After that is when the real magic begins: the rest of our session will include kissing and hugging and leaning on each other in the most natural, effortless way. There will be toothy smiles and laughs and undoubtably a tantrum or two from the kids because, well, after all they're kids and that's what they do for a living ;) But of course, the tricks I've got up my sleeve will help weave their energy into something beautiful.


I'm crazy inspired by mothers and their children so don't be alarmed when I spend a large chunk of our time capturing just that. I'll flatter mom in the best way possible because I'll be completely honest, that's my main concern when having my own photograph taken.


Family sessions are for you if:

  • There are 2+ people in your fam and you can openly love on each other.

  • You itch for photos dripping with authenticity, solely customized to you and those other humans you live, laugh, cry, and grow deeper with each day.

  • You care enough about these images that you'll even dress up a little for our session; say, the most feminine, soft flowy dress for mom and a plain tee or button-up with jeans for your man.

  • You can take direction. I pose a LOT, yo. ("Whaaaa? But I thought you wanted authentic, Raegan!") What's different about me from your aunt Bess is that I pose with the specific intent to get you to give you a starting point to then lead you to respond naturally to the circumstances you're placed in.


We might not be a great fit if you:

  • Want boringly perfect, everyone-looking-at-the-camea-and-puhleeeeze-no-stray-hairs images.

  • Can't possibly bear the thought of not being able to micromanage your kids for a couple hours.

  • Don't want flattering, heartfelt images adorning the walls of your home.

If you’re all about embracing both the beauty

and the accompanying chaos of life, I’m your girl.


Price + What's included

  • Email consultations regarding outfit recommendations and location options

  • You + your family (any group larger than 6 is another $10/person)

  • Up to two hours of shooting time at the location of your choice

  • 50+ fully-edited, high-resolution images delivered as digital files

  • Personal use print release

  • Options to purchase prints through my professional lab

  • Family sessions are $400 + tax (studio rental is available for an additional $100)



Kind words

I can’t believe how stunning those photos turned out. I new the location would be beautiful, but you captured personalities and feeling that don’t always show up on camera rolls. Between the temperature, a baby who hates strangers and cold, and a toddler who wanted nothing but to play in the snow (and then get out of the snow), you had a lot working against you. And yet you captured some truly magical shots and I am just so grateful! Thank you!
— Danielle
Oh my goodness!!! You have me in tears over here. Thank you so much. I LOVE THEM. Adore them. I will cherish them forever. Thanks so much. I am so happy to keep using you - you and your pictures never disappoint. Thanks to the moon and back.
— Elease
RAEGAN. I am 100% speechless. Like I am not going to get any sleep tonight because I am just going to go through them over and over and over again. These are SUCH a treasure friend, such a treasure! They are INCREDIBLE.
— Ali
You went above and far beyond my hopes for what someone could capture in pictures!!!! Wow!!!!! I love all of them so much!!! I can’t thank you enough! You were amazing to work with and I love the final product!!!
— Chantelle